Hamas won elections at Swedish funded terror university

Terroristoganisationen Hamas vann valet på universitet Sverige finansierar.
Terroristoganisationen Hamas vann valet på universitet Sverige finansierar.

The Islamist terrorist organisation Hamas’s student union yesterday won the elections to the student council at the prestigious Bir Zeit University by 3,400 votes resulting in 26 seats. Fatahs student union won 19 seats, by 2545 votes.The Bir Zeit University nearby the Palestinian Authority’s capital city of Ramallah offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees through its nine faculties. Sweden is currently funding a Media Development project at the university for over 22 million Swedish Krona. Hamas’s victory in the student elections however reveals, that there is another less flattering side of the university. It is the academic soil which breeds terrorists.

Issa Karake formerly minister of prisoners affairs (Minister of those who have carried out acts of terror against Israelis) in the Palestinian Authority said, when he in 2012 gave a speech at Bir Zeit University, that the university’s campus, instructions and lectures have graduated commanders and fighters as well as Martyrs and prisoners.

Marwan Bargouti is one of the most notorious terrorists who have graduated from the Bir Zeit university. He is serving five life sentences for three terror attacks that killed a total of five people in Israel.

The Swedish minister of Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallstrom, said in her hearings in front of the Committee on the Constitution a week ago, that the recognition of Palestine was a move aimed at supporting the moderate and peaceful forces in Palestine. But it is the most extreme terrorist forces that triumphed in yesterday’s election at the Swedish-funded terror university. Today it is hard to see how the recognition of Palestine nor the Swedish funding of the university have supported moderate and democratic forces there. Instead it gives us a clue of the outcome of future parliamentarian elections in the PA.


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